Diploma Talk: Paul Stallan RSA (Elect) with Sandy Wood

21 March 2024
Oxford House. 80 Nicholson St, Glasgow. Please note that the venue is only accessible via staircase. £15 6.30 - 8pm

Paul Stallan RSA (Elect) is the acclaimed director of Stallan-Brand architects. With a rich background in architecture and a portfolio boasting award-winning projects, Stallan brings a unique perspective to the intersection of art and design.


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Central to our collection is the Diploma Collection - works which have been selected by artists and architects as a condition of their election as an Academician. The first group were deposited in 1831 and the collection is added to every year as new Academicians are elected. Its unique identity lies in its direct connection to the practitioners which grow it, and as such it tells a distinctively personal history of Scottish art and architecture. 


In this inaugural talk of our new series, Stallan will guide us through his gallery and studio, offering a rare behind-the-scenes look at his creative process. The highlight of the evening will be an in-depth discussion with RSA’s Head of Collections, Sandy Wood, which will focus on Stallan's proposed diploma deposit.