Elected ARSA: 16 March 1904

Robert Brough, A.R.S.A., was born at Invergordon in 1872. He was early taken to Aberdeen where he received his education, and for a short time worked as an engraver under Mr. Andrew Gibb. After studying in the Aberdeen Art School he came to Edinburgh in 1891, and was admitted as a student of the Life School of the Royal Scottish Academy. In 1892 he gained the Chalmers Bursary Prize and the Maclaine Watters Medal.


In the following year he carried off an extra prize for painting. He thereafter proceeded to Paris and studied under Constant. On his return to Aberdeen in 1894, he began the practice of Portrait Painting, which he continued in London, where much of his work was done and where he met with marked success and recognition.


Among his principal works are: “ After the Storm,” “John Duthie, Esq.,” 1897; “ Fantasie en Folie,” 1898; “Edine, Daughter of O. H. Edinger, Esq.,” “Surgeon-Colonel F. J. Galloway, C.B.,” “ Viscountess Encombe,” 1901; “The Right Honourable Lord Justice C. Vaughan Williams,” 1902; Mrs. Milne of Kinaldie,” “Lord Torphichen,” “Mrs. G. A. Paley of Ampton Hall,” and “The Marquis of Linlithgow,” 1905.


He was elected an Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1904. He died on 22nd January.

Transcribed from the 1905 RSA Annual Report

Further Images

Robert Brough ARSA (1872-1905) Female Nude with Brass Urn

Oil on canvas, 1892, 91.5 x 61.0cm

The RSA-Edinburgh University Life School Transfer (2017) 2017.078