Elected ARSA: 14 November 1883


Thomas Stuart Burnett, one of the youngest and most promising Associates of the Academy, died after a -short illness on the 3d of March. He was born in 1853, at Edinburgh, where his father is a lithographic printer.


As a sculptor, he studied in his youth under the late William Brodie, R.S.A., and while with him attended the Board of Trustees’ School, where he was successful in gain- ing the National Gold Medal for the year 1875. He entered the Life-School of the Academy as a student in 1876, and went through the prescribed number of years’ study. There he gained several prizes for modelling, including half of the Stuart Prize for 1880.


By this time he had begun to take vd a very good position as a sculptor, and the works he pro- duced added yearly to his reputation, and gave evidence of his continued progress in his art, even to the very end of his too short life. Amongst his more considerable works may be mentioned the marble statue of Rob Roy, and the bronze statue of the late General Gordon, the latter work being erected at Aberdeen.

Transcribed from the 1888 RSA Annual Report