Elected ARSA: 12 November 1879 

Robert Anderson, A.R.S.A., died on 24th April, at the comparatively early age of 43. Born at Edinburgh, he was trained as an engraver, and displayed no ordinary ability in that Art, which he practised successfully for several years. Having, however, developed considerable talent in Water-Colour painting, he gave up engraving in 1879, and the many works in Water-Colour which emanated from his pencil rapidly brought him practice and reputation. Marine subjects, wherein were frequently depicted the varied phases of Scottish fisher life and character, were his main study ; but in the harvest-field and farm-yard he also found material congenial to his taste. A year or two before his death he gave unequivocal evidence of his ability in Oil painting, which promised as decided success in that branch of Art as he had already attained in Water-Colour painting. Mr. Anderson was elected an Associate of the Academy in 1879. His genial, kindly, and unassuming disposition secured for him the esteem of his professional brethren. The President, Council, and Office-bearers and other members attended his funeral.

Obituary, 1885 RSA Annual Report

Further Images

Robert Anderson RSA (1886-1938), after Edmund Thornton Crawford RSA (1806-85), 

The Smuggler Brig "Jumping Jenny", lying to, delivering her cargo to boats alongside

engraving, around 1876, from Sir Walter Scott's Redgauntlet, published by RAPFAS, 1876

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