Glen Onwin RSA is a distinguished Scottish artist working with ideas involving the landscape, geology, and the elemental make-up of the planet.


Glen Onwin RSA: ‘From formlessness to a study of a salt marsh near Dunbar to explorations of the basic substance of salt and its meaning both physical and psychological; the increasing changes to our planet’s subtle ecology brought about through human activity; from earth, air, fire and water, from Hydrogen to element 118 Ununoctium; in my creative practice I am interested in exploring the means by which we have attempted and still attempt to understand and derive meaning from the physical world we inhabit and its relationship to the cosmos.’



Born in Edinburgh in 1947, Onwin studied Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art (1966-1970). Following a period teaching in secondary education he returned to ECA and is now a professor.


Onwin became fascinated by salt marshes, not as the subject of conventional landscape painting, but rather as a phenomenon to study with a quasi-scientific approach. He is interested in the structures behind appearances: microscopic images, crystalline forms, and the slow changes of materials over time.