My recent work is a meditation on water and time, and a response to the dynamic natural environment of Orkney. Here, I am surrounded by many forms of water in constant motion; sea, loch, stream, cloud, mist, rain, fog.
In contrast to this quick mutability of water, my drawing process is slow and meditative, a patient accretion of simple marks that results in intricate forms resembling sea foam, cloud forms or wave patterns.

Drawing takes the brief moment of the hand’s movement and holds it still, recorded in the mark that remains. The slow, repetitive method I employ makes each drawing a receptacle of time, a net that gathers up these moments so they are visible in a single instant that shows the timespan of the drawing’s own making.

I use reflective and iridescent media such as silver leaf and chrome ink in combination with acrylic and gouache to build up surfaces that change, as water does, with each shift of light and angle of view.

Samantha Clark is a visual artist and writer based in Orkney.