The prints shown here are the result of my year of work for the RSA Residency bursary which I undertook at Edinburgh Printmakers. I set out to explore connections between drawing and printmaking; more specifically I learned to etch, fascinated by the fragility and delicacy of line and desirous to create repeated, fine, wiry, lines, similar to those I often employ in my drawings.

For me printmaking is a way of making a series of images which construct a changing, ambiguous narrative, where the same motif reappears carrying differing meanings in various images. I do not seek to represent anything seen, rather I aim to conjure an otherness, an excess, by distorting into reality. My prints and drawings are ‘inscapes’, inner landscapes of the mind. They depict human bodies gone a bit awry, plants, machines, other living creatures doing strange things, suggesting a lurking madness.

The ‘same but different’ aspect of printmaking, is evoked by reworking with ink or colour pencil hand additions two near identical prints in different ways, creating ‘unique multiples’.

I am also interested in the idea of reversal, inherent in the etching process, and which can be seen as a metaphor for opposites and dualities, themes I explore in my work in relation to my double/split identity, between Scottish and French origins and languages, but also as an artist and a mother.


Following on from this printmaking experience I am now developing a new project involving printing, notably the creation and self-publication of a series of home-printed multiples (folded leaflets, zines, ‘papillons’ and other small multiples) which combine text and image. I intend to widely disseminate these through alternative modes of distribution, another form of ‘creative resistance’.


I am a Scottish-French artist living and working in Edinburgh.

My practice spans from drawings on paper, to embroidery and knitting, to installation or live drawing in theatre. My most recent research explores connections between writing and drawing and forms of self-publication. I draw because it is intimate, fragile, subversive when enigmatic, experimental, immediate, in-between thinking and making, and of course, cheap and portable: the medium of freedom and resistance.

Before obtaining my PhD in Fine Art at the Sorbonne University in Paris in 2007, I studied medicine for two years at Edinburgh University, and this has largely influenced my drawing practice. I have been exhibiting my work in the UK and internationally since 2004. In 2018 I created animated projected drawings and drew live on stage for a collaboration entitled ‘Twa’ (which premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018 and which was showcased as part of Made In Scotland at this year’s Fringe). In 2019 I was awarded a Royal Scottish Academy bursary and an Edinburgh Council bursary which allowed me to learn etching and screen-printing techniques which I merge with my drawing process. This year I have been awarded funding from Creative Scotland for a new project making ‘art for all’ in the form of printed multiples.