Elected ARSA: 10 November 1858

Elected RSA: 10 February 1862

Alexander Fraser, R.S.A., was born at Woodcockdale, Linlithgowshire, in 1828, and got most of his education in the Grammar School of Lanark. He early showed a taste for Art, and received his first instructions from his father, who was an able amateur artist. Afterwards he was sent to Edinburgh, and entered as a student the Board of Trustees School. He studied assiduously, copied in the Royal Institution and often at that time, in company with his friend the late President of the Academy, Sir William Fette: Douglas, went on sketching expeditions to Warwickshire, Wales, the Trossachs, and other parts of the kingdom.


In 1846 he exhibited in the Royal Scottish Academy his first picture, a figure subject, entitled “ A Gipsy Girl in Prison,” To landscape he soon gave his almost exclusive attention. and in this branch of Art achieved great success. For the purposes of his Art he went to London in 1866, where here sided for about three years. An indefatigable worker both in oil and in water-colour, he from 1846 to 1896 was constantly represented in the Annual Exhibition of the Academy.


Among his principal works are :—“ Skirts of the Forest,” 1850; “Lanercost Abbey” and “Gipsy

Tents,” 1856; “Haymaking,” 1860; “The Forest in Autumn,” 1863; “A Summer Day in the Trossachs,” 1864 ; “In the Greenwood,” 1865; “The Forest in June” and “A Highland Cottage,” 1866; “ Ealing Bridge, Surrey” 1870; “ The Cottar’s Cornfield,” 1873; “Trout Stream,” 1878; “A Hot Summer’s Day,” 1879.


He was elected an Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1858, and an Academician in 1862. During the latter years of his life he suffered from a severe rheumatic affection, which impaired his power in painting. His death took place at his residence, Eskside, Musselburgh, on 24th May.


RSA Obituary, transcribed from 1899 RSA Annual Report








Further Images

Alexander Fraser Jnr RSA (1827-99), At Barncluith - sketch from nature, May 4th-9th, 1863

oil on canvas, 1863

RSA Diploma Collection Deposit, 1863 or 1868. 2000.027