Dr Tom Normand HRSA is an art historian specialising in British, and especially Scottish art, photography, and culture. 


Tom has published a number of books relating to the Academy and to Academicians. These include the edited catalogue Ages of Wonder: Scotland’s Art 1540 to Now, Edinburgh, 2017, and, Portfolio: Treasures from the Diploma Collection at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, 2012.  He is also author of The Constructed Worlds of Calum Colvin: Symbol, Allegory, Myth, Edinburgh, 2019; Scottish Photography: a History, Edinburgh, 2007; Ken Currie: Details of a Journey, London, 2002; Calum Colvin: Ossian, Fragments of Ancient Poetry, Edinburgh, 2002; The Modern Scot: Modernism and Nationalism in Scottish Art 1928-1955, London, 2000; and, Wyndham Lewis the Artist; Holding the Mirror up to Politics, Cambridge, 1992. He has also authored numerous academic articles, critical essays and artist’s catalogues.