The positive impact of art in the workplace cannot be underestimated.  It’s success is not budget reliant rather it is defined by a well thought out art strategy which best reflects your company ethos and objectives. Even a modest number of artworks has the ability to energise, motivate and engage your employees and clients.

If you are looking to buy art we can help you draw up an artwork strategy and acquisition plan which should be subject to review to ensure continued relevance to your company. Our impartial and in-depth knowledge of the Scottish art market ensures all artwork recommendations are considered with longevity in mind. Our extensive database of artists, gallerists and dealers, many of whom we have established relationships with, ensures we can achieve the best artwork prices with cost savings passed directly to you.


Whether you are looking to enhance your collection through a creative rehang and placement of interpretation labels or seeking a comprehensive collection management service we can tailor make our service to meet your individual needs. Our service includes:

  • Collection Policy creation  for  acquisitions and disposals
  • Collection Cataloguing, digitisation and interpretation
  • Collection auditing – valuations and insurance
  • Collection repair and conservation programing
  • Exploring funding opportunities