Rickie Cheung, High Voltage

John Kinross Scholar in 2014


How did the experience affect you as an individual?
The John Kinross Scholarship provided a great opportunity for me to travel and inhabit within a new surrounding which allowed me to truly test myself outside my comfort zone. My time in Florence helped broaden my knowledge on the Italian culture whilst also gave me an insight into the Florence’s art, geological and architectural past. As an individual, I also became more independent and I felt my general awareness and organisational skills improved through this trip.


What was the impact on your practice?
Being able to define my own brief and pursue my area of interests have allowed me to put everything I have acquired during my architectural education to test. The period of exploration in Florence also enabled me
to become more self critical of my work and gave me an opportunity to
hone in on my craft and techniques (i.e. Photography, sketching, movie
making). In particular the ability to undertake research, gather and
interpret data before presenting my findings in an personal and
architectural manner.

Rickie Cheung, Anthropocene Tracings, Florence, RSA Collection


What would you say the long term impact has been on yourself and you work?
After undertaking the scholarship and having presented my final work to the RSA panel, this experience gave me great confidence and belief in my own ability to produce work either as an artist or as an Architect. One of the most important aspect I took away from this experience was the importance of discipline in the process of documentation and production, this is something I have carried forward into my current profession as an Architect and I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.