RSA Benevolent Awards: Applications open in summer 2022

  • The Miss M O Taylor Trust Fund / Alexander Nasmyth Fund


    Once a year, in August, awards are made from The Miss M O Taylor Trust Fund / Alexander Nasmyth Trust to visual artists who are experiencing adverse financial difficulties. For example, an artist who is unable to practice their work due to caring for a sick or elderly relative, or due to personal incapacity through illness. Applications to the fund are dealt with in the strictest confidence and are reviewed by an RSA Committee where awards are made to those eligible.


    To be eligible for an award from these funds, you must be a visual artist who has had some previous measure of success, for example, have had your work shown in exhibitions and/or have sold your work. You must also be currently living in Scotland.


    If you would like to discuss any aspects of the funds, please contact Matt Hill, Academy Coordinator.



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