Anne Bevan
RSA (Elect)

  • Academician Elected : 20/08/2014


  • Academician Elected : 20/08/2014

Anne Bevan is a sculptor who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1988. She was a lecturer in the College until recently when she returned to her home town of Stromness in Orkney to work for The University of the Highlands and Islands at the College there.

She has exhibited continuously since graduating and is an artist who is passionate about her work, the environment being one of main interests. “The hidden or invisible aspects of the environment whether underwater, underground or on the tidal edge. Movement, fluidity and change are recurrent themes through the medium of sculpture, video and photography.”

Projects with others from the disciplines of writing, music and performance also include research into medicine science and industry. Notable writers Janice Galloway, George Mackay Brown and Robert Jamieson, Sarah McGuire and the poetry and writing of Kathleen Jamie who shares her involvement with the environment have been among her collaborators.

Work with other institutions, Dr. Kate Darling at The School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh, shores from the North Atlantis to the Sea of Japan, the islands of Scotland, the Natural History Museum, rivers and islands in Europe and water projects in Aberdeen have all lead to her now developing work exploring ideas connected to wave and tidal energy. Stromness is becoming a global centre for research in marine based renewable energy. Installations exploring physical properties of water in relation to this are current projects.