John Kinross Scholar in 1993


How did the experience affect you as an individual?
My experience in Florence massively shaped my practice and life that has followed. I feel very grateful for the opportunity. I continued to practice as a professional artist for 5 years following and it laid a great foundation for this time of work.

What was the impact on your practice?
I think it matured and deepened my practice. It gave me time to reflect on my subject matter and space to create a new body of work that I continued to build on in the years that followed.

What would you say the long-term impact has been on yourself and you work?
On myself self it has been huge – I often talk about the time away as it felt pivotal in my adult life and int he transitions from art school to life. I learned lots about myself and found being immersed in a new culture so helpful and challenging. In terms of work, I currently no longer work as a professional artist, but the research and ideas I had while in Florence impacted my practice for the years that I did it.

I am so incredibly grateful for my Kinross experience – it is one of my favourite memories and places to travel even now as I aim to return back with my now family. And even though my vocation has shifted and grown I see it as such a valuable and enriching experience – so thank you!