Opening Times:
Monday to Friday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm


Opening Times:
Monday to Friday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm

Limousine Bull (Aberdeen) 16 Sep – 1 Oct

Generator Projects (Dundee) 7 Oct – 22 Oct

Market (Glasgow) 28 Oct – 12 Nov

“On 27th May 1826, a meeting was held of the artists in Edinburgh…having been totally excluded as much from the administration of exhibitions – selecting, hanging, and so – as they were from glittering social Receptions…they met in 1826, in rebellion.” * And thus was formed the Scottish Academy, later to become the Royal Scottish Academy – Scotland’s oldest and most established artist collective! Formed by artists to work for the benefit of artists. After 180 years, the RSA continues to develop and create opportunities across Scotland for artists through scholarships, residencies and exhibitions such as SCOTTISH COLLECTIVE.

Artist’s collectives in Scotland continue to form an important and vibrant part of visual art culture. Originally formulated by groups of artists (predominantly recent graduates) to exhibit and promote their work out with the gallery system, they have become a driving force in the energy of contemporary art. These collectives range from groups of ‘young turks’ sourcing innovative temporary spaces to exhibit and sell work, through to the long-established committees with their own galleries, volunteers and staff. The force powering all of these groups is the ‘do it yourself’ attitude, bypassing the traditional gallery system of institutions and dealers to present thought-provoking and often uncompromising new works.

And so it is to a selection of these collectives that we now turn. Divided into three short exhibitions, each show will be curated and present a selection of works by the respective artists collective.

* Quote: ‘The Making of the Royal Scottish Academy’ by Esme Gordon, published by the RSA, 1976

Free Gallery Talks
Saturday 16 September, 2pm Limousine Bull
Saturday 7 October, 2pm Generator Projects
Saturday 28 October, 2pm Market

Tamsin Greenlaw, Richard Simpson, Fraser Denholm,
Anita Haywood, Rowena Comrie
Co-Curated by Lois Carson & Lindsay Brown of Limousine Bull.
For the RSA’s SCOTTISH COLLECTIVE show at the RSA, Limousine Bull sent out a call for submissions to their membership with the title of the show ‘The opposite to what you thought it was’ as the project brief. The curators selected the five artists for this exhibition with their interpretation of the brief in mind. Fraser Denholm’s work is an intriguing array of microphones, normally sound would enter the microphone but on this occasion sound is emitted from the microphones and Anita Haywood has interpreted the brief by taking photographs using infrared film in daylight to cement an eerie sensation on film on an even eerier subject matter of Mortsafes and grave robbers. Tamsin Greenlaw, Rowena Cromrie and Richard Simpson who make up the group of five have used a more personal approach to interpreting the brief using installation, painting and projection.

GENERATOR projects
Dr Aileen Stackhouse, Andy Wake
‘The Vistitor And The Other’ pairs together two Dundee-based artist on the crest of the cities cultural rennaisance and at interesting junctures in their own personal artistic careers. Both Aileen, who has recently completed her PhD and Andy, who is due to complete is MFA in August, use installation and performance to explore themes such as transcendence, romanticism and the role of artist in relation to their audience. The idea that a ‘deeper’ knowledge can be found through reiteration, connects their practices, as does undertones of obsessive compulsion and the unconscious awareness of the passage of time in the face of the inevitability of death.

Dan Perjovschi, Kevin Reid, Jim Colquhoun, Terry