Opening Times:
Mon to Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 12-5pm


Opening Times:
Mon to Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 12-5pm

An exhibition of small scale works by members and selected non-members in the RSA Lower Galleries. Featuring a cross section of emerging and established artists presenting painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, installation and mixed media work.

All works for sale. The RSA is part of the Own Art scheme, offering interest-free credit for people to buy contemporary art and craft.


HAND IN – Friday 3 & Saturday 4 April
Varnishing Day (Artists) – Thursday 16 April, 2pm
Press Day – Thursday 16 April, 2pm
RSA Friends Preview – Saturday 18 April
Removal of works – Friday 22 & Saturday 23 May

** Deadline for electronic media extended to Friday 27 March 2009

For full details please contact the RSA for labels & regulation forms.
All works submitted for exhibition are considered by the Council and Committee of Arrangements of the Royal Scottish Academy whose decision to accept or reject is final. No work which has been included in the exhibition shall be removed before the close of the exhibition. No copies of any kind and no works that have already been publicly exhibited in Edinburgh where a charge has been made for admission can be received without the express sanction of the Council. Miniatures and Applied Art will not be accepted. No work made from ivory or in any way involving the use of ivory will be accepted.

Artists (and architects) may submit two works no larger than 50cm in any one direction (outer frame size) in any medium. RSA Members may hand in one work only.

A Registration and Handling Fee of £6.00 (inclusive of VAT) is required for each work. This payment must be made with the delivery of each work at The Royal Scottish Academy, whether personally or through an Agent. No work will be received without payment.

Friday, 3rd April 2009. 10am – 7pm
Saturday 4th April 2009. 10am – 5pm

All works must be delivered to the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh (Mound entrance) free and without packing cases. Work will be received only between the stated hours, after which under no circumstances will any work be received without prior permission of the Council.

A Royal Scottish Academy label (white) must be attached to each work submitted. These labels are obtainable from leading frame-makers, artists’ workshops and the Academy itself. Each label is in three sections, A, B and C, all of which must be completed in BLOCK LETTERS.
In addition to labels, artists are required to complete an Entry Form with their personal details and a list of the works submitted.
This form must be delivered to the Gallery with the works on Receiving Day. If the works are to be given to an Agent for delivery, the Entry Form must be handed to the Agent or fixed securely (in an envelope) to one of the works.
A permanent label or other identification must also be affixed to the back of each work and, if possible, to each piece of sculpture, giving the artist’s name, address, title of work and price.
Failure to comply with these requirements in full can lead to rejection of the work.

Two dimensional submissions in oil, watercolour, acrylic, pastel, drawing, print and photography must be framed in such a way that all glass or perspex edges are fully covered and protected. Work in inadequate or unusual frames or of unusual shapes may, in hanging, be relegated to inferior places or be rejected. Frames must have no projections on the back. Unframed canvases may be submitted at the artists own risk. The Royal Scottish Academy will be responsible for affixing attachments for hanging of the work when exhibited.

Works whose stability, materials or method of construction could present a hazard to the viewing public may be rejected on these grounds. Pieces having moving parts or utilising electrical/mechanical elements must comply with health and safety regulations. A composite work must be accompanied by clear instructions for assembly. Plinths for sculptures/AV equipment must be supplied with the work. The RSA reserves the right to paint plinths unless expressly prohibited by the artists. The work and plinth will be judged as an ensemble.

Work may be submitted in any suitable medium. Drawings which are submitted may be preliminary sketches, or other details which illuminate the development of the project. Submissions in the form of photographs, which may be in colour, must be associated with explanatory drawings of the scheme (not necessarily on the same panel). Should a scheme be illustrated on more than one panel it will be recorded as a single submission. Titles and headings on works should be discreet. The name of the Architect responsible must appear on the face of the work. Framing and glazing regulations (see above) must be complied with. Models must be encased. Plinths for models must be supplied (to RSA specification) by the architect on confirmation of the work being accepted for exhibition.

Works in electronic media will be accepted. Proposals and show reels of no longer than 6mins must be recieved in advance (see Receiving Days). Selected artists will be contacted before installation and must supply all electronic A/V equipment (and plinths if necessary) for exhibition unless otherwise stated by the RSA. All equipment must be PAT tested.

ALL WORK MUST BE FOR SALE. All sales are subject to 35% commission during the continuance of the Exhibition, whether through the Academy or otherwise. The price of works as shown on the label is the total price payable by the purchaser. Artists registered for VAT must enter their VAT number on the entry form and labels. In the absence of such information commission will be charged on the catalogue price.

– Notices are issued advising the dates on which rejected work must be uplifted.
– No work, once placed, can be removed until the close of the Exhibition without a special order from the Council.
– After the Exhibition closes, works must be removed by Saturday 23rd May 2009.
– Works not collected by Saturday 23rd May 2009 will be removed to storage at the Artist’s risk and expense. – Artists will have to pay the storage charges on uplifting the work.

Work not uplifted from storage by 1 June 2009 will be disposed of by the Royal Scottish Academy whose property such work then becomes. Each artist by submitting works, shall be deemed to have accepted this condition as a binding agreement whereby the property in the works is relinquished by him/her and transferred absolutely to the Royal Scottish Academy.