Opening Times:
Monday - Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm Closed 25th & 26th December. Open New Year's Day 12-5pm Admission: Free


Opening Times:
Monday - Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm Closed 25th & 26th December. Open New Year's Day 12-5pm Admission: Free

23 November 2013 – 26 January 2014

Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th January, 10-4:30pm.
Please enter via South Entrance of RSA Building.

For a 360° panorama of the show click here.
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Click here to see a video introducing the RSA OPEN exhibition and some of the exhibitors!

Drawing from artists across the whole of Scotland and beyond, this exhibition in the RSA’s Lower Galleries showcases a wide range of small and medium sized works (80cm in any direction) selected through open submission and includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints and photographs.

Eagerly anticipated by artists from across the country, there is always a diverse and exciting variety of works on show. With a large range of well-priced works and the availability of the ever-popular Own Art scheme, this exhibition is a terrific opportunity to make a purchase from this prestigious exhibition just in time to get on the walls for Christmas!

Images (beginning underneath the install images):
Voyeurs by David Sampethai, Old Correspondence by George Donald RSA, Gallery Series – Pallets & Triangle Platform by Emma Macleod, The Weasel That The Cat Killed by Claudia Massie, Via Borgo I by Kate Steenhauer.

Artists exhibiting are:
Katharine Aarrestad
Ade Adesina
Karen Akester
Tom Allan
Carmen Ambrozevich
Jacqueline Anderson
Penelope Anstice
Joy Arden
Tessa Asquith-Lamb
Vicky Aston
Rachel Badger
Delia Baillie RSA
Brian Barclay
Kirstie Behrens
Margaretann Bennett
Rachael Bibby
Colin Black
Gavin Blackhurst
Irene Blair
Leo Blamire
Sharon Bonnar
Georgina Bown
Samantha Boyes
Shelagh Boyle
Donna Briggs
Chris Brook
Colin Brown
Alison D. Brown
J.Gordon Brown
Colin Bryce
Gordon Bryce RSA
India Bunce
Carolyn Burchell
Andrew Burke
Clare Louise Burnett
Simon Burns-Cox
John Busby RSA
Michael Cairncross
Joyce W. Cairns RSA
Amy C. M. Cameron
Alex Campbell RSA
Niall A. Campbell
Dina Campbell
June Carey
Matthew Carey Simos
Sam Cartman
David Cass
Karen Castle-Anderson
Helga Chart
John Cheetham
Thora Clyne
John Coen
Will Collier
Brigid Collins
Francis Convery RSA
Phoebe Cope
James Cosgrove
Ann Cowan
Steven Cox
Gemma Coyle
Gary Craig
Robert Crozier
Deborah Cumming
Ian Cuthbert Imrie
Soosan Danesh
Martin Davidson
Alan Davie HRSA
Douglas Davies
Catharine Davison
Fiona Dean
Conor Deignan
Richard Demarco HRSA
Alison Dickson
Joan Doerr
George Donald RSA
Morag Donkin
Liz Douglas
Fraser Douglas
Kate Downie RSA
Genevieve Draper
Matthew Draper
Darren Duddy
Stuart Duffin RSA
Lennox Dunbar RSA
Wilma Dunbar
Jean Duncan
Jo Edwardson
Andrea Elles
Helena Emmans
Michael Esk
David Evans RSA
Lynsey Ewan
Rhona Fairgrieve
David Faithfull
Alan Faulds
Winifred Fergus
Maureen Finn
Gareth Fisher RSA
Sally Fisher
Graham Flack
Helen Flockhart
Peter Flynn
Ronald Forbes RSA
David Forster
Anne Forte
Irene Fotheringham
James Fraser
Shaun Fraser
Paul Furneaux RSA
Jo Gannon
Julia Gardiner
Susan Gauld
Andrea Geile
Kathyrn Gellaitry
Lesley Gilbert
Lyndsey Gilmour
Helen Glassford
Carola Gordon
Teresa Gordon
Aileen Graham
Audrey Grant
Alison Grant
Lois Green
Alan Greig
Martin Grimes
Lerka Grzegorz
Kate Hajducka
Hugo Haxthausen
Lesley Helfer
Nancy Henderson
Martin Hill
Jade Hill
Diana Hope
Stephen Howard Harrison
John Hughes
Susie Hunt
Kate Hunter
Olivia Irvine
Daniel P. Irwin
Kate Ive
Helen Jackson
Craig Jefferson
Lucy Jones
Kittie Jones
Hironori Katagiri
Jennifer Kelly
Louise Kernaghan
Alan Kilpatrick
Peter Kirley
Henry Kondracki
Julia Krone Oliver
Simon Laurie
Eileen Lawrence RSA
Helen Lee
Astrid Leeson
Susie Leiper
Marian Leven RSA
Maureen Little
Gordon Lochhead
Kevin Low
James Lumsden
Neil Macdonald
Alan Macdonald
Shaun Macdonald
Doug Mackie
Emma Macleod
Donald Macleod
Kirkland Main RSA
Philip Maltman
Simon Manby
Patricia Martin-Sanchez
Claudia Massie
Ruth Maxwell
Simon McBride
Eóin Francis McCormack
Mungo McCosh
David McCulloch
Lorna McGauchran
Robert McGilvray
Barry McGlashan
Gerald McGowan
Derek McGuire
Ian McIntosh RSA
Andy McIntosh
Rachel McKean
Ian McKenzie Smith PPRSA
Phil McLoughlin
Alice McMurrough
Jennifer McRae RSA (elect)
Catriona Meighan
Gillian Mellanby
David Michie RSA
Ian Moir
Emily Moore
Anne Moore
Steve More
David Morris
Charlotte C. Mortensson
Morag Muir
Nigel Mullan
Raymond Mulligan
Gordon Munro RSA
Ellen Munro
Gillian Murray
Georgia Rose Murray
Paul Musgrove
Leena Nammari
Ruth Nay
Errol Neill
Martin R. Nelson
Heather Nevay
John Nicholson
Chay Nicholson
Ruth Nicol
Despina Nissiriou
Callum Niven
Emma Noble
Kyle Noble
Glen Onwin RSA
Brian O’Shea
Kevin J. Peden
Jack Pender
Alison Philp
Poster Girls
Robert Powell
Holly Prentice
Evie Prescott
Arran Rahimian
Brogan Ramm
Ola Rek
Alan Robb RSA
Saul Robertson
Brian Robertson
Duncan Robertson
Beth Susan Robertson
Michael Robson
Arran C. Ross
Ann Ross
Rachel Ross
Dion Salvador Lloyd
David Sampethai
Mirna Sarajlic
Sophia Katie Scott
Anna Sedgwick
Emma Semple
Samantha Sharma
Bruce Shaw
Fraser Sim
Albie Sinclair
Pippa Sinclair
James Lister Sinfield
John Slavin
Kevin Smith
Margaret L. Smyth
Michael Snowden RSA
Kenneth Spence
Graham Spry
Aileen Stackhouse
Peter Standen
Kate Steenhauer
Karl Stern
Niall Stevenson
Moyra Stewart
Grant Stewart
Craig Stuart Thomson
Norman Sutton-Hibbert
Erland Tait
Valerie Anderson Tait
Sebastian Mary Tay
Andrew Taylor
Keith Thompson
Laura Thompson
Alasdair Thomson
Peter Thomson
Kate Thomson
Alexa Thomson
Carrie-Anne Thomson
Natasha Todd
James Tweedie
Michael Waight
Liam Walker
Drew Walker
Duncan Wallace
Catherine M. Weir
Chris Wells
Ian Westacott
Evelyn White
Richard White
Elaine Wilson
Matthew Wilson
Elaine Woo MacGregor
Roy Wood
Christopher Wood
Christine Wylie
Julie Wyness
Ken Young

Collection of unsold work
Wednesday 29 + Thursday 30 January 2014 between 10-4.30pm.
The artist must have their work uplifted on the dates given. Any works left with the RSA after this date will incur a storage fee of £5 per day. If the work has not been collected by 9 February 2014, the fee will be rescinded and the work will become property of the RSA and may subsequently be disposed of. By signing the Entry Form, the artist accepts this condition as a binding agreement whereby ownership of the uncollected works is relinquished by him/her and transferred absolutely to the RSA.

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