Opening Times:
  Mon to Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 12-5pm  


Opening Times:
  Mon to Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 12-5pm  

RSA Lower Galleries

This exhibition presents the work of seven artists who were awarded RSA Opportunities in 2008/09. Developmental support of artists towards the creation of new work is a primary aim of the RSA, with opportunities currently given to some 35+ artists per annum.

The RSA residency initiatives have often acted as a stepping-stone between art school and fledgling career for many now distinguished Scottish artists. Some opportunities are for international travel. while others enable the development of new work in Scotland with a variety of partner and collaborating venues. Please check the scholarships & awards page of our website for a full list of opportunities.

Exhibiting artists:

Eòghann MacColl / Sabhal Mor Ostaig Residency
Eòghann recently completed a residency at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig; a Gaelic-speaking further education college situated on the Isle of Skye. Eòghann is interested in indigenous histories and stories from cultures that have had to survive beside, or within, larger or more dominant ones. Frequently images are landscapes where the land meets the sea, yet they contain visual elements – the side of a house, a road, playing fields, a car park – hinting at the communities in these isolated coastal regions of Europe. Eòghann has also created found-object pieces and a series of photographs dealing with identity and citizenship for this exhibition.

Iain Gardner / Friends of the RSA Bursary winner 2008
Iain will be showing sketches from for the first stage of Animals; a series of existential fables featuring personified animals, whose words and sounds will form the basis for a mixed-media music theatre work incorporating the animations, which have been created with the support of the Friends of the Royal Scottish Academy Bursary. The eventual theatre work will be in collaboration with writer Johnny Rodger and composer Stephen Davismoon.

RSA John Kinross Scholars: Sean Ambrose; Jan Pottinger-Glass; Teresa Sciberras; Ric Warren; Jill Zhang
The RSA John Kinross Memorial Fund was set up in memory of John Kinross RSA; a renowned architect who was greatly influenced by Florence, the beautiful Italian city which has been an inspiration to generations of artists and architects. Each scholar is awarded £2,000 for a three month period of study in Florence and, on their return, has one work accessioned into the prestigious RSA collection.


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Saturday 26 September, 12pm
RSA Library. Admission Free
Da Thoabh a’ Bhealaich (Two Sides of the Pass) by Maoilios Caimbeul (Myles Campbell) and Mark O. Goodwin, with drawings by exhibiting artist Eòghann MacColla
A unique, fully bilingual poetic dialogue between two poets who literally and figuratively inhabit two sides of a mountain pass. From the east side of the Trotternish Ridge on Skye comes the poetry of prize-winning Gaelic poet Maoilios Caimbeul. On the west side of the ridge lives Mark O. Goodwin, poet and ‘incomer’ to Skye since he moved there from England fourteen years ago. The poems form a conversation between the two men and between their two cultural backgrounds – a conversation that illuminates not only many of the issues facing Scotland in the twenty-first century, but also many cross-cultural divides around the globe. The project was completed in collaboration with critically acclaimed artist Eòghann MacColla, whose cover artwork and pencil drawings form an integral part of the work.

Thursday 1 October, 11am – 12pm
RSA Library. Tickets £6 / Friends £5. Coffee served from 10.30am
Last year’s Bursary winner, animator Iain Gardner, introduces his project Animals, a series of existential fables featuring personified animals which form the basis for a mixed-media music theatre work. Made in collaboration with writer Johnny Rodger and composer Stephen Davismoon the work concentrates on the wolf and the beaver, both of which are involved with controversial strategies for their reintroduction into the Scottish wilderness. Iain will describe time spent with the Highland Wildlife Park and the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland studying the wolf pack and how his observations and sketches develop into animated sequences. Iain is also exhibiting in our current exhibition ‘Research: RSA Awards in Focus’