Opening Times:
Call 0131 225 6671 for details or watch this space!!! All FREE!!!


Opening Times:
Call 0131 225 6671 for details or watch this space!!! All FREE!!!

An exciting innovative series of new exhibitions looking at how artist formulate ideas and work collaboratively to make new work.

These exhibitions are a new venture for the Royal Scottish Academy. Exploring and presenting new ideas and trends coupled with a strong bias towards current collaborative practise in Scotland.

The Royal Scottish Academy is committed to representing new Scottish art and we hope that this programme will go some way to opening up a platform for discussion for new work from Scotland at home and abroad.

ALEC FINLAY – Your Name Here
5th – 29th August 2004
The BYNAMES exhibition is great fun, as it plays on artists and writers names, ie Hamish Fulton is Hermit Futon, and Ian Hamilton Finlay is Iron Humility Finally. BYNAMES have been made into woven name tapes (the like of which countless mums stitch onto kids clothes), then sewn onto fancy hankies for exhibiting. BYNAMES is also available as a book.
admission free

DEMARCO ARCHIVE ; Scottish Artists
3 – 26 September 2004
Looking at the careers of a number of Royal Scottish Academicians and their collaboration with Richard Demarco HRSA over the last forty years.
admission free

1 – 10 October 2004
Challenging, engaging, shocking, diverse, beautiful, moving and exciting….
The Royal Scottish Academy’s debut presentation of new film works by recent graduates.
The Royal Scottish Academy are committed to assisting with the development of new talent through support, funding and presentation initiatives.
admission free

14 -26 October 2004
25 Scottish artists. 25 Finnish artists. 50 CD covers. 50 sound works. 3 compilation CDs. 1 Book.
An exploration and study of the relationship between visual art and sound within the format of the CD. The audio pieces are installed as a jukebox presentation and cover songs, sounds, stories, recordings and karaoke. Alongside creating a sound piece, each artist has submitted a CD cover for display. The exhibition was originally made for Centrespace VRC, Dundee and Artspace Titanik, Turku, Finland. Includes Tracy MacKenna and Edwin Janssen, Arthur Watson, Dalziel and Scullion, Luke Fowler, Duncan Marquiss, Torsten Lauschman, Norman Shaw, Graham Fagen and Kevin Henderson……
Admission free

6 Nov – 19 Dec
In-progress project work and recent works by New Associates to the RSA.
Admission free

Eddie Summerton ARSA and Derrick Guild
26 nov – 19 dec (dates to be confirmed)
An investigation and exploration of images and ideas running concurrently through the paintings of Edward Summerton ARSA and Derrick Guild which will culminate in a limited edition artist’s publication. Art historical references will blend with popular and domestic images highlighting the darker side of European childrens’ tales and traditional decoration.
The artists will exhibit, for the first time together, objects made from their paintings, the documentation of which will become the artists book.
Admission free

11th, 12th, 13th February
New performance art. A weekend of new performances by national and international artists.
In collaboration with the SSA.

RSA Galleries 1-12
February/March 2005
A staple of the Academic and exhibiting year, this exhibition brings together works by final year and post-graduate students from the fine art departments of the four colleges of art and six architecture schools in Scotland. An ideal opportunity to glimpse the work of Scotland’s burgeoning talent.
Admission free

April/May 2005
Looking at New builds and renovations for arts venues by prominent Scottish architects.

May/June 2005
New paintings and drawings from the East Indies by the recipient of the 2004 Alastair Salvesen Art Scholarship.

Alec Finlay installing ‘Bynames (Elect Finely)’ at RSA 20th July 2004
Nadja Schrade film work. selected for DARKSPACE

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