Gareth Fisher RSA

Gareth Fisher RSA

An exhibition of new watercolours alongside early carvings and casts, in the Academicians’ Gallery at the RSA Building on The Mound.

Professor Gareth Fisher RSA (b. Cumbria, 1951)

Attended Edinburgh College of Art from 1969 to 1976 gaining a Diploma in Sculpture and two consecutive Post Graduate years of study.
During the late seventies and eighties, worked from a studio in Edinburgh and became Chairperson of the New 57 Gallery.  Early exhibitions from this period include, Artists Space New York, Mercer Union Toronto, Abbott Hall Kendal, Fruitmarket Edinburgh, Third Eye Centre Glasgow and the British Art Show in 1985.
In the Nineties began working as a lecturer at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee. Becoming Professor of Sculpture there in 2006.  Exhibitions during this period include Galleria Jannone Milan, Svoboda Foundation Prague and the Contemporary museum in Maglioni Turin.

The sculpture practice has always had a core of works in plaster with occasional wood and stone carvings and bronze casts from original plasters. Construction also plays a part and the combination of solid form and construction comes together increasingly in the new watercolours.  Aspects of realism alongside abstract ideas can also be seen in both early and later works.

This exhibition in particular places early sculptures and recent watercolours together to illustrate common denominators throughout a long practice.

List of works


Seastack. Plaster carving, 2006.  £650
Trabant. Plaster cast edition of 10.  £250
Wisdom. Woodcarving with bronze, 1994.  £3800
Wanderer. Aluminium cast, 1998.  £3500
Wing. Alabaster carving with bronze, glass and teak, 1996.  £5500
St Theodosia. Teak carving, 2017.  £5000
Cultivator. Bronze cast, 1995.  £1750


Bird. 2016.  £500
Pollinating form. 2016.  £500
Transmitter. 2014.  £500
Miasma. 2017.  £350
Surfacing. 2017.  £350
Wall. 2013.  £300
From Above. 2016.  £350
Bud. 2012.  £175
Bird 2. 2014.  £175
Plant. 2012.  £150
Walking. 2015.  £175
Cairn. 2014.  £200
Satellite. 2017.  £500
Superstructure. 2014.  £500

Please note works can also be purchased over ten interest-free payments, using Own Art.