ANDIAMO: Forty years of the RSA John Kinross Scholarships to Florence

Opening Times:
Wednesday to Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm

ANDIAMO: Forty years of the RSA John Kinross Scholarships to Florence

Opening Times:
Wednesday to Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm

RSA Upper Galleries
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Exhibitors: Mary Bourne RSA | Matt Collier | Kevin Dagg | William Darrell | Jamie Fitzpatrick | Neil Gall | Ian Goodfellow | Hannah Imlach | Chantal Joffe RA | Steven MacIver | Rowan MacKinnon-Pryde | Mary Maclean (1962-2018) | Penelope Matheson | Kate McCrickard | Wendy McMurdo RSA (Elect) | Janie Nicoll | Elena Sorokina | Emily Speed | Michael Taylor | Geoff Uglow

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This autumn we are delighted to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the RSA John Kinross Scholarships to Florence.

Each year the RSA John Kinross Scholarship enables 10 final year undergraduate and postgraduate art and architecture students the opportunity to research and develop their practice in Florence for up to three months.

Florence has been an inspiration to generations of artists and architects and this opportunity enables successful applicants to experience the city’s magnificent history, study its art and architecture, learn the language and create a visual record of their experience. Upon their return, examples of scholars’ work are accessioned to the Collection of the Royal Scottish Academy, recognised as a Collection of National Significance to Scotland.

Since the John Kinross Memorial Fund was established in 1981 by John Blythe Kinross CBE HRSA in memory of his father, John Kinross RSA, it has supported over 450 emerging artists and architects and distributed over £730,000 in funds. From its modest beginnings, the Scholarship has grown to be the most important travelling award the RSA has ever administered, and the current guidelines continue to reflect the spirit in which it was originally envisioned.

To mark this significant milestone, 20 artists and architects, five from each decade, have been invited to show recent work alongside work they produced at the time of their Scholarship, many of the latter coming from the RSA’s own Collection. The exhibition, curated by Mary Bourne RSA with assistance from Fergus Purdie RSA, highlights the breadth and diversity of the practices the Scholarship has supported and the lasting impact the experience has had on the scholars involved.

The exhibition also includes a curated selection of work and documentation from the RSA’s extensive Kinross Collection. An accompanying publication delving into the history of the Scholarship and the experiences of many of the artists and architects involved will be available to view and can be purchased in the gallery and online here.

Collections Survey Exhibitors: Natasha Aldrich-Blake | Lucy Andrew | Delia Baillie RSA | Georgina Bolton | Balint Bolygo | Dorian Braun | Robbie Bushe RSA | David Cass | Rickie Cheung | Bethany Cobb | Benjamin Connell | Johnathan Cook | Emma Crichton | James Dixon | Abigail Dryburgh | Alison Dunlop | Daniel Fooks | Laura Gaiger | Gray Galbraith | Susan Gaspar | Giovanni Giacoia | Anna Gibb | Ruth Gray | Mark Hackett | Jessica Harrison RSA | Lily Hassioti | Lilian Lai-Yin Ho | Anna Hughes | Kenny Hunter RSA | Jane Hyslop RSA (Elect) | John Kellock | Sylvia Law | Jonny Lyons | David Mackay | Robert Maclaurin | Stephanie Mann | Jacqueline Marr | Ewan McClure | Rachel McBrinn | Mark McCue | Jennifer McRae RSA | Kezia Merrick | Ilona Niemi | Sophie Ormerod | Freya Pocklington | Katie Pope | Megan Rea | Paul John Reid | Mark Scadding | Katie Schwab | Iain Sharpe | Jihoon Son | Michael Visocchi RSA | Ric Warren | Christopher Wells

View Collections Survey viewing room.

View full list of past scholars. 

We are would like to extend a special thank you to the family of John Kinross whose ongoing interest and encouragement is valuable to the success of this initiative. Thanks also to Victoria Miro, VITRINE Gallery, Elizabeth Gordon and Philip Griffin for the loan of works for this exhibition.

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