Open Studios 2: Maya Rose Edwards, Lauren Ferguson, Fenneke Wolters-Sinke, Olivia Turner

Open Studios 2: Maya Rose Edwards, Lauren Ferguson, Fenneke Wolters-Sinke, Olivia Turner

Tuesday 20 April at 7pm on Zoom 
Registration open until 5pm.

The second in our new series of virtual studio visits to artists exhibiting in this year’s RSA Open Exhibition.

This time we drop-in on four artists whose work focuses on PLACE. Join us on this whistle stop tour to hear about their work and studio practice.

Maya Rose Edwards
“I adopt a hunter gatherer approach to art making. A semantic magpie who reads objects and uses language like Lego bricks. I aim to punctuate the linguistic landscape with moments of waiting and relativity, using this as a catalyst for poetic and sculptural happenings. At best a metaphor, in all things a contradiction, my work exists as acute observations and ephemera with an aim to uncover order and comfort within negative spaces.  Always in series or cycle, closer to madness than reason, I reflect an experience that is personal to me yet universally attainable. Relying on the right degree of wrongness to induce double takes in passers-by, aiming to displace the hierarchy of perception back to the realm of the pedestrian.”

Lauren Ferguson
“Derived from a sense of place, my practice has developed through an in-depth exploration of the history, architecture and associated objects in areas with which I have a personal connection. Through drawing and painting, I develop open narratives about these places by considering individual, collective and social memories.”

Olivia Turner’s  concern with spatial awareness is evident within her work, which continually plays with conventional ideas about spaces. Her paintings are densely multi-faceted representations of Brutalist buildings with composition, form and structure playing an integral part in her paintings. Developed from her photographs and drawings, the compositions are built up from multiple viewpoints. She continuously layers drawings on tracing paper, allowing her to explore countless configurations, carefully refining these before they are developed into paintings.

By isolating her compositions from their original surroundings, she wants to give the viewer no option but to interact with them. Turner wants the viewer to see the true beauty of these buildings, starting a conversation around the loss of them in society. Her main intention is to alter a place by creating a new space within it, causing the viewer to question their perception of their own experience of the space.

Fenneke Wolters-Sinke
“I am visual artist working in mixed media, creating contemporary artists’ books and book objects from my home studio. These are all one-off pieces and can be organic, dynamic, quiet, powerful, informative, delicate, vibrant, conceptual, experimental or sculptural.

The versatility of paper and the amount of possibilities it offers ignites a continuous flow of ideas in me to experiment with, to learn from and to push the boundaries of my creativity. Using and combining various techniques such as printmaking, digital processes, papercutting, paperfolding and bookbinding fills me with excitement.  My interest in climate change, architecture, design and construction also influences the way I approach a certain project. It will then be meticulously planned by doing research, making sketches and prototypes. By using different methods, processes and styles, I want to show people what you can do with such a simple yet effective material.”

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