Live from the Academicians’ Studio with Kenny Hunter RSA

Live from the Academicians’ Studio with Kenny Hunter RSA


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In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the inability to host in-person events, the RSA is offering a series of virtual events entitled, ‘Live from the Academicians’ Studio.’ These events will provide a unique experience to hear directly from RSA Academicians, view their studios, and learn more about their practice. Each event will be chaired by a fellow Academician who will help facilitate the event and lead the conversation.

Our second event will feature Kenny Hunter RSA on Thursday 30 July at 7pm.

My studio is imbedded within the Powderhall Bronze Foundry in Granton Edinburgh. The private studio is primarily for model making and small work up to a life size human figure – If I need to work beyond that scale I have access to both larger spaces within the foundry and to specialised labour and support. During this RSA digital event I will take participants around my studio and the foundry as well as taking a look at some Public Art projects that I am currently developing for Haddington and Shetland. – Kenny Hunter, RSA