Live from the Academicians’ Studio with Anne Bevan, RSA (elect)

Live from the Academicians’ Studio with Anne Bevan, RSA (elect)


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In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the inability to host in-person events, the RSA is offering a series of virtual events entitled, ‘Live from the Academicians’ Studio.’ 

Our third event will feature Anne Bevan RSA (elect) on Thursday 6 August 2020 at 7pm.

Since moving back to Orkney my ‘studio’ has had many locations, along with many functions. Places and spaces for making art include my home, my neighbours sheds and barns, the sea and shore and in my head. During the recent COVID months these latter two have been my most important creative spaces, walking, photographing, reflecting and imagining.

As we can’t depend on the weather, this event will be inside in my home studio which is currently multifunctioning as office, yoga space and tomato jungle (there may be an installation with little red balls!)

I’ll show you some current work which is in development, and share a documentation of recent work and projects, focusing on themes around place, environment, and change.’ – Anne Bevan, RSA (elect)