Artbites with Tess Glen

Artbites with Tess Glen

Tess is a writer, artist and illustrator and an exhibitor in RSA New Contemporaries. She is an ECA graduate where she won the RSA Cummings Award for draughtsmanship.

“In my work I am interested in finding different ways to tell stories by creating relationships between words, images and space. Thinking about the way writers work by building a setting for stories to be created and characters to inhabit, I create installations often reminiscent of domestic interiors. Imbued with stories, rooms describe their inhabitants. The invisible layers of connections between objects and space allows the reader to build up a picture of who was there, what might have taken place. The context of a room is an interesting space to display work. I bring together different mediums – embroidery, painted objects, drawings and text to create an atmosphere.

Drawing is at the centre of my practice and I often use imagery found in fiction as a catalyst, though I never aim to illustrate these texts definitively. By continually reading and visualising places and characters, I am collecting imaginary props that can often spring into force spontaneously in a drawing. Using the text as a spring board, appropriating such devices such as the struggling artist, the solitary young woman, I like to turn these clichés on their head. To maintain an interesting gap between the text and the drawing, one in which the reader/viewer can project their own imagination.”

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