Emma Pratt, Untitled, carved vegetable fat, exhibition at VeraPietraSerena, Florence, 2009

John Kinross Scholar in 2004


How did the experience affect you as an individual?
It gave me the opportunity to travel to Italy and keep up momentum post-graduation.



What was the impact on your practice?
I met some wonderful people in Florence and so much so that I got a job and stayed for a few years.



Emma Pratt, Untitled, carved vegetable fat, 2009, RSA Collection

What would you say the long term impact has been on yourself and you work?
Never again have I had such a period of time where I could just explore a city and my practice. I found the break between graduation and paid work was a great relief and allowed me time to think, research and develop without external pressures.  Post-scholarship I’ve had four exhibitions in Italy and still have close friends and contacts there who continue to support me.