Colin Brown, Wild Wild Life, acrylic and collage on panel, 60 x 60cm, 2019

John Kinross Scholar in 1987


How did the experience affect you as an individual?
My experience of visiting Florence for 4 months back in 1987 was deeply affecting in many ways. I had just completed my degree and post graduate diploma at Dundee and felt truly liberated as an artist walking the streets of Florence, meeting fellow artists and visiting the seemingly endless galleries, museums and churches.


What was the impact on your practice?
This was the beginning of my lifelong career as a full time artist and 32 years later I continue to work on a daily basis, creating my paintings for exhibitions worldwide.

I have also returned twice to Florence since then to visit friends made during my initial stay.



Colin Brown, View to the South-West from Fiesole, RSA Collection

What would you say the long-term impact has been on yourself and you work?
The long term impact has been extremely profound – the scholarship endorsed my work as a student and encouraged me to follow my path through all the subsequent years.