Blair McLaughlin, Le Triomphe de la République, 2019, oil on canvas

John Kinross Scholar in 2016


How did the experience affect you as an individual?
Individually, the experience allowed me to reflect on my master’s and cultivate a new body of work, based on my experiences before, during and after Florence.


What was the impact on your practice?
The impact professionally directly after my time in Florence, led to me producing a solo show at an Edinburgh based gallery. I then went on to do an international art fair in New York with them the following year.


Blair McLaughlin, Primavera, 2017-02, oil on canvas, 36 x 45 cm, RSA Collection

What would you say the long-term impact has been on yourself and you work?
The John Kinross Scholarship to Florence has had tremendous impact on my work since, even though it was 2017 when I finished the award. I still think of that time and how the 6 weeks I spent in Florence was research time and the few months after my return was a period of intense studio work, this balance of research and reflection and detachment from the studio has turned into a personal structure of working for me, and it has so far produced great results for me.