As an artist the principle theme of Stephanie Dulson's artwork is mundane imagery. She is drawn to finding the beauty in generic moments and showcasing them through her photography and/or digital works.

This current series of artworks has Dulson using her personal collection of reclaimed postcards. The hand cut artworks that appear like glitched realities are where this project began. Dulson then elaborated on the glitching aspect and created her series of digital works for the degree show in response to the global pandemic.

Drawing inspiration from the paintings of Kaws and Lichtenstein the aesthetic of both harmonic and discordant colours became a main area of interest. By pulling different stripes of colour through the imagery the works have become infused with a retro-futuristic feel. The manipulated imagery and newly created landscapes feel in once sense surreal, but enough detail remains to establish a sense of familiarity.

For Dulson the presented artworks are a reflection of the new normal we are all trying to adapt to.


Stephanie Dulson (b.1991) grew up in Grangemouth. Her artistic interest came at a young age when she spent time alongside her tattooist uncle. For the last 9 years Dulson has resided in Dundee where she currently works and earned a Bachelor in Fine Art with honours at Duncan of Jordanstone in 2020. It wasn’t until Dulson began University and discovered her love of photography that her artistic practice flourished.