The Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) is an independent membership-led organisation.
The membership comprises of 118 Academicians from the disciplines of Art and Architecture. The Academy has also appointed 30 Honorary Members.

The most senior decision-making body is the Assembly of Academicians. The President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected every three years and together form the Standing Committee which meets once a month to deal with routine business. The Council comprises the President, Secretary and Treasurer and 10 other members selected in rotation. The Council is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Academy. In addition, there is also an Exhibitions  Committee which is responsible for the RSA Programme and a General Purposes Committee whose function is to oversee such activities as the RSA Collection and the allocation of awards. The above Committees normally meet every two months.

RSA President: Joyce W. Cairns PRSA
RSA Secretary: Robbie Bushe RSA
RSA Treasurer: Robin Webster RSA

The decision-making structure of the Academy is as follows :-