Eleanor at the RSA

Posted on 09 April 2018

My first task in my work placement at the Royal Scottish Academy was helping install the New Contemporaries 2018 exhibition.  In this I gained an insight into many things, the most notable being how curation works, and how much effort goes into installing exhibitions.

The first day of my work experience here was also actually my first taste of the working world, as a student in their 5th year of secondary school I have never had a job and prior to this, ever any work experience.  When given the opportunity to stand back and observe the art around me, I realised something special about this exhibition in particular, it was unlike any I had ever seen.  I have seen several experimental and contemporary works of art and so unconventional art was not something unusual to me but it struck me just how different and exciting this work from art students was to any art exhibition I had seen before.

On my second day I focused on one room this time which was being used for the School’s Art Award. Much like my first day, the second was full of new experiences. I was putting up artwork from Scottish Secondary School Pupils where I had to learn how to properly mount and compose artworks.

The third day brought with it less physically demanding tasks such as administrative work concerning the Academicians. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work experience so far has been surveying the public which I did today.  This will help give the RSA an understanding of why people visit and who visit their exhibitions.  Speaking to the public was particularly interesting and taught me a lot about the public’s opinion of the work I had been installing only 4 weeks ago.