We’ve almost reached the Ages of Wonder

Posted on 02 November 2017

Only 1 more day to go before the Ages of Wonder’s official opening and we’re almost there.  The finishing touches are now being made with vinyls going up, packaging being stored away, little blocks of foam being cut to size to support works and cupboards being emptied in anticipation of the books and catalogues arriving to accompany the exhibition.  I have a sneaking suspicion that a number of staff would love a long holiday once this exhibition opens!

Seven art students from across the country arrived today for their first life drawing class in the gallery with George Donald RSA.  If you’d like to see them in action, they will be here on Thursdays throughout the exhibition.

The some of the RSA volunteers had a sneak preview on Monday but I’m sure even they will be amazed when they see the finished article.  Andy has been busy this week taking down the Gareth Fisher RSA exhibition from the Academicians’ Gallery in order to install Academicians Now!, showing works in response to the Ages of Wonder.

Arthur Watson PRSA, one of the curators of Ages of Wonder, could be heard on Radio Scotland yesterday talking to Edi Stark and a long article can also be found in the latest ArtMag, so the word is out there and we just hope that lots of folk get infected by our excitement about this amazing exhibition and find their way into the RSA.

So what else are we getting up to currently? To be honest not a lot, though Volunteers have been busy helping to organise the Friends beautiful Willie Rodger RSA Christmas cards and the VAT return still had to be submitted.

No photos this time I’m afraid as the secrets of the Ages of Wonder will be revealed soon in all their glory in the gallery and on our website.