Behind the scenes

Posted on 16 October 2017

So what’s been going on since August?

The Open Exhibition is now over for another year and, apart from the Academicians’ Gallery, the building is closed to the public, but behind the scenes there’s a lot going on.  The Open Exhibition works have been taken off the walls and collected by new or original owners, and the works for Ages of Wonder are arriving daily.  What exactly happens between exhibitions you may ask.  An understandable question since a gallery is usually a tranquil space with everything in its allotted place, however there is an endless list of tasks which must be completed for that state of equilibrium to be achieved.  These range from painting walls to sorting screws, designing print to stuffing envelopes and keeping track of the budget which will pay the bills at the end of it all.  Each member of the team has to put their pieces of the jigsaw into position at just the right time and place or the picture will be incomplete when the doors open to the public and I think you would agree that that just wouldn’t do!

The professionals at work:


The exciting event today was the delivery of Sir William Allan’s Battle of Bannockburn.  The image here shows it in the background, amongst other works and furnishings, which I can assure you, are currently not in use as table tennis tables!



Two more weeks to go then the Ages of Wonder is open to the public, so let’s see how it unfolds.