Life after the Fringe

Posted on 28 August 2017

The Open Exhibition is in full swing at the moment with the gallery buzzing and the visitors viewing a wonderful selection of Scottish and international art.  Behind the scenes, the work goes on, as we move closer to the installation of the Ages of Wonder exhibition which will show works, throughout the whole building, from the RSA’s and the National Galleries of Scotland’s Collections.  Many hours have already gone into the production of two publications to accompany this exhibition and no doubt many more will follow.  During the installation we hope to have a work experience pupil helping us, which should be an exciting time and hopefully fascinating for them, as a backstage insight to one of the largest exhibitions in the country.

Often in the past we have worked with volunteers and we hope to launch a new page on our website soon which highlights the opportunities we have to offer.  We feel this is a wonderful link between the Academy itself and members of the public who also love art and are enthusiastic to take part and share their skills with us.  Once you have read this, how about switching over to any of the other pages you may not have opened before.  You never know where they might lead you!

The Gillies Lecture and the Architecture Discourse 2017 will also take place in the autumn, so as the Fringe crowd outside dwindles and the pipers take up their chant once more, our minds focus and before we know it we will be the centre of a Christmas Market and moving into our 2018 Programme.  I’m sure we’ll have more news for you before then though so keep your eyes peeled.