Falling into place

Posted on 18 July 2017

The RSA Open Exhibition of art is falling into place for another exciting year.  With help from the Hanging and Arrangements Committee, works are finally coming to rest in their given spaces, where they will bide during the busy Edinburgh summer.  The next stage is down to our gallery team, armed with drills, screw drivers, spirit levels and the odd touch of filler, they make sure that everything is exactly right.  In the office, staff are busy checking all the information so that as soon as the last work has been positioned, the exhibition can be numbered and the gallery list finalised.  Throughout next week the lighting will be set, mirror plates made almost invisible with a wee dod of white paint and the extensive selection of awards will be judged.  Before the official opening, wall labels will be mounted, the floor swept and the RSA staff and committee don their glad rags to celebrate the works of artists from far and near.