Behind these walls

Posted on 04 July 2017

This week excitement and anticipation bubbles behind the thick walls of the RSA.  A cauldron of activity as the SUMMA exhibition closes and the works for the Open Exhibition arrive.  Although SUMMA is a hard exhibition to follow, there is always something special about an exhibition where the works are unknown to us until the final selection during the first days of the installation.  As the chosen works are then painstakingly arranged within the space, to create a coherent exhibition which leads you from one room to the next, the staff are busy collating the information to produce gallery lists, sending out invitation cards to the opening events, making sure the wine will be chilled and that posters will be displayed.  There may even be moments when our thoughts and hurried footsteps drown out the buskers’ persistent challenge to our attention.

While the Open Exhibition falls into place we mustn’t forget the online pre-selection of the William Littlejohn and Morton Awards by a panel of Academicians, which is happening in the unseen world of virtual activity, and would you believe that my colleague is at this very moment selecting a potential Christmas card image!

Who knows what challenges await us next week.