Our Edinburgh

Posted on 20 June 2017

What is your experience of Edinburgh’s city centre?  Sitting in the offices of the RSA, we, the staff, experience the outside world in a very particular way.  The view out of the raised windows is limited to the sky and the Scott Monument.  However as the seasons pass by we can enjoy sun, snow, white or black threatening clouds, and thick haar sometimes hiding the Monument completely from our sight, warning us that a lunch break may not be the best idea at this moment.  Recently we have had the spectacle of bubbles in all multi coloured shapes and sizes floating past our windows from an invisible and magical source.  On the odd occasion a bedraggled tourist may shelter from the rain between the pillars or try and get a particularly good view of buskers on the Precinct.  We have long since realised however that you do not need to see the buskers to know that they are there!  The most common background sound to our day is bag pipes of various skill levels and tuning.  I can’t say that Star Wars is my all-time favourite but maybe it comes just before Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  The enthusiastic bands and melancholy singers prefer to give us fully amplified concerts, looping the same 6 tunes throughout the day, but in philosophical moments I almost manage to convince myself that these sounds will simply add to the colourful slide show of memories from my time working at the RSA.