Aimee’s Work Experience – Day 3

Posted on 15 June 2017

Day three I spend the morning helping out with admin tasks like updating a database and evaluating a survey that was sent to the friends of the RSA. I then later attended an install where artwork was hung on the wall, I didn’t get to see much of it as meetings ran on late and disrupted my schedule but it was still a good experience. I had never really had much thought about how pieces of art are displayed but it opened my eyes as I realized how precisely these works actually have to be installed. I would often admire pieces that were displayed in various buildings but never actually thought about how they got there. In the afternoon I got a taxi to Granton and visited the new RSA collections building. I was briefly shown around and then I was left to sort out the RSA members files for the rest of the day. It was not the most exciting task but the visit to the collection was interesting as there was so much history in one building and a lot of information about the RSA members and their art.

Filing at Granton