Aimee’s Work Experience – Day 2

Posted on 13 June 2017

Day two was a bit more exciting, I met Andy in the morning and was shown around the gallery and then I was left to get to know the different pieces in the gallery and a bit of background about the artists. I particularly enjoyed watching the work of Carrie Fertig as she used sensory to create a sort of melancholic mood in her short film. I also liked the work of Jock Mooney and his exciting sculpture entitled ‘Titcake’ which is a bright mixed media piece.

I was then tasked with a short survey to complete in the gallery, asking members of the public questions about the Royal Scottish Academy and their visit. I really enjoyed working with the public despite feeling a bit nervous to begin with; I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and in the end was successful. I enjoyed getting to have an in depth look at the pieces of art in the gallery and hope that these will inspire some of my own work for my portfolio.

In the afternoon I first researched then attended meetings about past and current winners of the Kinross scholarships. It was inspiring to see how the time spent in Florence has impacted and influenced the artwork of final year and post graduate students. I have helped with petty cash after being told about it yesterday. Meeting students who have actually been awarded these scholarships was exciting and a valuable experience as I also aim to go on to study at one of the art schools and would love an opportunity like this.

Andy Goring, Gallery & Communications Coordinator, next to “Titcake” by Jock Mooney in current exhibition SUMMA